Unbelievably awesome

// November 4th, 2011 // Life, Technology

How research like this isn't identified, provided massive funding and fast-tracked is beyond me. Get this into further development, testing, and approval as fast as possible!

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Todd Rider Has a Kill Switch for Viruses – BusinessWeek
The MIT scientist is developing a possible cure for the common cold—and every other virus

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3 Responses to “Unbelievably awesome”

  1. Nick Pappas says:

    The same reason some great cancer research veins don't get funding either— there is no money in cures, only treatments

  2. Thomas Cox says:

    This is a drug that everyone could take repeatedly throughout a lifetime. Billions upon billions of dollars here

  3. Nick Pappas says:

    If everyone took it though, it would drastically reduce the viruses in the wild, thus have a declining return.

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